Community Partners

Contracts and Procurement
The Office of Contracts oversees the management of the agency's $10 billion contract portfolio and assures compliance with the City's Procurement Policy Board Rules. Another major function of the division is to ensure vendor integrity by gathering information on a vendor's background and performance on other city contracts by accessing the City VENDEX system, a database containing relevant information on organizations doing business with the City.

SNAP Benefits Services
SNAP Benefits partners facilitate access to SNAP Benefits for the working poor in NYC. Food Stamps can significantly help eligible and needy families stretch their food budget.

Health partners assist in the provision of health and emergency services for the City. They range from tracking systems for psychiatric and infant health programs, to emergency response coordinators, to Internet-enabled information sharing applications for substance abuse cases.

HRA/DSS's housing partners are organizations and systems that assist HRA/DSS and its contractors in providing housing services to HRA clients. They allow for a quick and convenient exchange of information, tracking of client status, and electronic submittal and organization of housing applications and reservations.

Transportation partners provide a wide range of services to HRA/DSS and the City. They help reimburse medical institutions for transportation costs incurred by eligible patients.

Vocational Training
Approved Training Providers assist eligible Cash Assistance participants obtain vocational training and educational services.

Low Income Dads (LIDs) System 
Low Income Dads System is an HRA/DSS application that enables program vendors to submit participant and program information and to claim program milestones.  HRA's OCSE monitors and manages the program, including enrolling participants and either approving or disapproving milestone payments.

HRA Services

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